Intermediate Massage


The next three massage types are designed for those who have either experience a therapeutic chair before, or want a more in-depth massage experience.
Recover Recover from a physically demanding day, with this strenuous and invigorating, full body massage.
Refresh Revive and revitalize your system with a gentle full body massage. Extend The extend massage acts as your personal chiropractor! Gently stretching and pulling, this massage loosens stiff muscles and joints - enhancing the flexibility of the body.

Appointments can be schedule from 10am to 8pm, Monday thru Friday, and 10am to 6pm on Saturdays.


Intermediate Massage - $2.00 per minute



  • 10 min - $20
  • 20 min - $40
  • 30 min - $60
  • 45 min - $90
Price: $20.00
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