The God Ordained Life by Bishop James C. Austin

Written by Bishop James C. Austin, The God-Ordained Life: The 7 Habits of a God-Ordained Life is a work that is sure to bring you clarity and peace in your walk with the lord. The “GOD-ORDAINED LIFE” pertains to the person positioned by God in Himself and in the world to represent Him in various ways. We God-ordained persons always seek to please and worship God; we are programmed to do God’s will.

Deeply embedded in the DNA of our The God Ordained Life is the key which unlocks doors of wisdom and knowledge; it is our renewed mind. With the mind, we serve the law of God. We are totally transformed by the renewing of our minds. God gave us this key of a “Sound Mind”. Through this sound mind, we have perfect peace and the ability and energy to strive together with other believers for the FAITH of the Gospel.

And that is the password: “FAITH” in the Lord Jesus Christ. With a renewed mind (the key) and FAITH (the password), we can carry out every assignment God gives to us. For faith always connects us to someone infinitely greater than ourselves. Thus, we have overcoming power and complete confidence in GOD.


Finally, God positions the God-ordained person to be at the right place – at the right time – to meet the right people – to do the right thing – to get the right results! The God-ordained life is blessed by GOD!

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